Sensing technologies for tailored Parkinson’s Disease monitoring: MooVeo & SpiroGym

We are currently conducting a multicenter-international study in five tertiary PD centers to test the three digital technologies developed by the iCARE-PD Consortium: MooVeo, SpiroGym and PDMonitor®. Two of these technologies are briefly presented below.


MooVeo is a software package designed to help physicians and patients with PD to track their disease manifestations remotely using the webcam of a standard computer. The patient stands in front of the computer at a specific distance and runs MooVeo. Through text and figures, the software guides the patient through three simple motion tasks, detailing how to perform them, and records videos of the different tasks. This software can be used by the patient to monitor his/her motor conditions. Additionally, the neurologist can potentially monitor changes related to treatment and symptom progression, and it can even help in diagnosis. 


SpiroGym is a mobile phone application designed to help patients increase their self-management, motivation and adherence to a respiratory physiotherapy program. Patients train their respiratory strength with the assistance of a commercially available expiratory muscle trainer device and an externally added microphone. The SpiroGym app also allows the patient to check on training data from previous workouts and therefore monitor long-term development.



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