eCARE-PD: A virtual coach to support self-care at home

eCARE-PD is web-based tools to support self-management practices by integrating tools for tracking symptoms and displaying resources and advice about Parkinson Disease. eCARE-PD is intended for any patient with Parkinson´s disease.

eCARE-PD comprises a self-tracking tool which enables patients/caregivers to track some symptoms and record health information. The information collected by the eCARE-PD is graphically presented to the patient/caregiver and sent to the physician. Based on the information/data recorded on the evolution of symptoms, eCARE-PD can send patients advice and suggest resources to help them in their daily lives.

eCARE-PD infographic

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eHealth technologies play a role in the development of integrated care models for people living with Parkinson disease by improving communication with their health care teams and support self-care practices in a personalized way. This article presents a co-design approach to designing an eHealth technology, the eCARE-PD platform, that addresses the needs and expectations of people living with Parkinson disease, generates tailored care tips, and recommends actions for managing care priorities at home. We use a co-design approach involving four main iterative phases: (1) preparation, (2) mapping, (3) testing and using, and (4) co-producing solutions and requirements. This approach uses several methods to engage people directly to design this technology. The study allowed us to identify design principles to be integrated in the development of the eCARE-PD platform. These principles incorporate the expectations of future users, which were expressed during the iterative phases of the co-design process: (a) six key design features based on users’ needs and expectations, (b) six main issues users raised during a test at home and key features for improving the design of the eCARE-PD platform, and (c) collective solutions to design an interactive, meaningful, tailored, empathic, and socially acceptable technology. The results of the successive phases of the co-design process allow us to underline the progressive constitution of a technology defined over successive iterations as a digital companion supporting the self-care process at home and having the capacity to generate tailored digital health communication.


Grosjean S, Ciocca J-L, Gauthier-Beaupré A, Poitras E, Grimes D, Mestre T. Co-designing a digital companion with people living with Parkinson’s to support self-care in a personalized way: The eCARE-PD Study. DIGITAL HEALTH. 2022;8. doi:10.1177/20552076221081695