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PD Nurses Roles training

What is the role of Parkinson Nurses
for providing personalized care?

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iCARE-PD Toolkit

A practical resource to develop and sustain an Integrated Care Network (ICN) for people living with Parkinson

In 2019-2023, iCARE-PD consortium used a co-design approach with various stakeholders for designing an integrated care model for people living with Parkinson. The co-design approach was conducted in 6 countries. The toolkit reflects information gathered from review of existing literature, narrative interviews conducted with patients and care partners, participatory design workshops with patients, care partners, healthcare providers and insights shared by collaborators and experts at various consortium meetings.

The goal of this toolkit is to guide care teams to evaluate their resources, to analyze their local context and to identify best practices or useful tools to make decision about the implementation of an integrated care network for people living with Parkinson adapted to their national and local realities.


Why we need integrated care? What is Integrated Care Network for Parkinson (ICN)?

Learn more from Dr. Tiago Mestre at a round table organized by Parkinson Canada in July 2021. Dr Tiago Mestre outlines the details of the Integrated Parkinson’s Care Network, a program which he is leading at the U of O. He also discusses models of care and necessary advances we can implement as a country to increase and improve access to care of people living with PD.

Dr Tiago Mestre – PC roundtables kick-off event, Parkinson Canada, 2021.

Lessons learned from the co-design process of a Digital Health Technology for People Living with Parkinson: The eCARE-PD study.

Drs. Sylvie Grosjean and Tiago Mestre will present their co-design approach within a case study involving people living with Parkinson, caregivers and health care professionals in the design of a technology called eCARE-PD. They will highlight key phases in the digital development process, demonstrating how co-design creates conditions for the social acceptability of the technology to be negotiated and progressively defined. They will share critical reflections on the value and function of stakeholder engagement in the process, and conclude with key “lessons learned”.

Co-Designing a Digital Health Technology with People Living with Parkinson, McMaster Codesign, 2021.