Consortium Meetings

Annual Meeting 2022

The 4th iCARE-PD Annual Meeting took place at the Centro Neurológico Sénior (CNS) on the 20-21st May 2022. Topics covered over the two days (Click to read the presentations)

  • Assess needs and barriers for care in PD (Learn more about the Health geography study)
  • Develop tool to address needs and barriers for care in PD (More information about technological developments and holistic measures)
  • Ethical & Legal Aspects of Tech-Assisted PD Care
  • Implement a PD care delivery model in real life (Clinical Study & PD nurse role)

Virtual event open to the communityInvited speaker : Soania Mathur (Parkinson’s advocate)

Annual Meeting 2021

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The iCARE-PD Consortium has been pleased to present its 3rd Annual Meeting on May 10, 2021.

The iCARE-PD is made of a wide multidisciplinary team of internationally recognized Parkinson Disease researchers, social scientists, health geographers, health economists, engineers, computer scientists, experts in law/ethics, patient-centred design, and complex interventions.

This meeting was open to anyone interested in contributing to the conversation.

Annual Meeting 2020

Virtual meeting

The second annual meeting took place on 15 July 2020 and brought together researchers, partners and patients. This virtual meeting was an opportunity to present the first results of the iCARE-PD project.

First Annual Meeting 2019

Madrid 2019

The first annual meeting of all researchers involved in the iCARE-PD project took place on 27-28 May 2019 in Madrid (Spain). Two intensive days to present the objectives of the iCARE-PD project and to talk about the future achievements of the various working groups. 

Click to see the presentation of the iCARE-PD project: Consortium meeting May 2019

Madrid Meeting


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