Scientific articles published


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  • Gauthier-Beaupré, A., Poitras, E., Grosjean, S., Mestre, T. (2022). Co-Designing an Integrated Care Network with People Living with Parkinson Disease: A Heterogeneous Social Network of People, Resources and Technologies. Journal of Personalized Medicine, 12(6), 1001.

  • Schmitz-Luhn, B., Chandler, J. (2022). Ethical and Legal Aspects of Technology-Assisted Care in Neurodegenerative Disease. Journal of Personalized Medicine, 12(6): 1011.

  • van Munster, M., Stümpel, J., Clemens, T., Czabanowska, K., Pedrosa, D., Mestre, T. (2022). Telemedicine as an Untapped Opportunity for Parkinson Nurses Training in Personalized Care Approaches. Journal of Personalized Medicine, 12(7): 1057.

  • Stümpel. J., van Munster M., Grosjean, S., Pedrosa, D.J., Mestre, T.A. (2022). Coping Styles in Patients with Parkinson’s Disease: Consideration in the Co-Designing of Integrated Care Concepts. Journal of Personalized Medicine, 12(6):921.

  • Grosjean, S., Ciocca, J. L., Gauthier-Beaupré, A., Poitras, E., Grimes, D., Mestre, T. (2022). Co-designing a digital companion with people living with Parkinson’s to support self-care in a personalized way: The eCARE-PD Study. Digital Health, 8, 20552076221081695.


  • Grosjean, S., Coma, J. F., Gal, O., Laffan, A., Sendra, A., Stuempel, J., & Mestre, T. (2021). Co-designing an Integrated Care Network With People Living With Parkinson’s Disease: From Patients’ Narratives to Trajectory Analysis. Qualitative Health Research, 31(14), 2585-2601.


Conferences & Research Présentations

Grosjean, S., Farré-Coma, J., Gal, O., Laffan, A., Stümpel, J., Mestre, T. (2021). How can patients’ trajectories inform the co-design of an integrated care network for people living with Parkinson’s Disease?, MDS Virtuel Congress. 

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S. Grosjean, JL. Ciocca, E. Poitras, A. Gauthier-Beaupré, D. Côté, D. Grimes, T. Mestre (2021). Co-designing a meaningful, humane and personalized eHealth platform (eCARE-PD) for people living with Parkinson’s Disease. MDS Virtual Congress. 

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