The results of the iCARE-PD are published in conferences, scientific journals, or research reports. Consult the latest publications of our researchers, and their presentations at conferences, workshops or seminars.

Keep yourself informed of methodological developments regarding the iCARE-PD project. Our team uses different methods to understand complex care in Parkinson’s disease in contemporary society: Co-Design Approach, Spatial Analysis Techniques, Test-battery to assess socio-psychologically constructs, etc.

An opportunity to learn more about the iCARE-PD project. 

The iCARE-PD lead partners develop various eHealth solutions for people living with Parkinson’s Disease. These technologies are currently ongoing at different stages of development. In iCARE-PD, the lead partners have a critical awareness of the importance of incorporating views of patients, care partners and healthcare professionals from inception to full development of the eHealth solutions. 

You can follow the development of these technologies and understand how patients and their care partners were involved throughout the design process. Our teams are currently designing eHealth solutions such as teleneurology, wearable devices, mobility assessment, and the eCARE-PD platform.