eCARE-PD is web-based tools to support self-management practices by integrating tools for tracking symptoms and displaying resources and advice about Parkinson Disease. eCARE-PD is intended for any patient with Parkinson´s disease.

eCARE-PD comprises a self-tracking tool which enables patients/caregivers to track some symptoms and record health information. The information collected by the eCARE-PD is graphically presented to the patient/caregiver and sent to the physician. Based on the information/data recorded on the evolution of symptoms, eCARE-PD can send patients advice and suggest resources to help them in their daily lives.

A Co-Design Approach was used throughout the study to design the eCARE-PD platform.


PD Monitor is a device for Parkinson’s disease (PD) patients that measures patient movement, identifies PD motor symptoms and quantifies their severity. The device is intended for any patient with Parkinson´s disease

PD Monitor comprises a set of wearable monitoring devices, a mobile application, which enables patients/caregivers to record medication, nutrition and non-motor status information as information complementary to the motor symptom assessment, and a physician web-based tool, which graphically presents to the healthcare professional all patients related information collected by the device.


MooVeo is a software designed for helping physicians and patients with Parkinson’s disease to track their symptoms by using the webcam of a standard computer. MooVeo is intended for any patient with Parkinson’s disease.

How the Technology works: The patient stands in front of the computer at a specific distance and runs Mooveo. Through text and figures, the software guides the patient through three simple motion tasks detailing how to perform them, and recording videos of the different tasks. When the patient performs the task, the software “follows” the hand and measures the movement. Then, the software generates various metrics, such as the mean amplitude or the speed of the movement. Later, it creates a report with that data, reflecting the situation of the patient. It can be used to monitor how well he/she is.


SpiroGym app is a software for patients to increase self-management, motivation and adherence to the respiratory therapy programme. SpiroGym is intended for any patient with Parkinson´s disease and atypical Parkinsonian syndromes

SpiroGym app is installed in patients’ mobile phones or tablets. Patients train their respiratory strength with assistance of commercially available respiratory strength devices with externally added microphone. SpiroGym app creates training diaries, gives basic statistic information (e.g. mean strength of maneuver, mean effective time of maneuver) about inspiratory or respiratory maneuvers and shows long term status of expiratory or inspiratory muscle strength and cough strength. Training results from patient’s app can be send via internet to their therapist.